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Shelley & Sam in the pool (NSFW)

When Shelley had first contacted me about shooting together, I had asked her to send me a series of images that showed what she was wanting to add to her portfolio. The set included several that had a water based element to them, and so we decided to shoot some in the paddling pool that I had used in previous occasions.

The advantage with the pool, over say a bath, is that there is more room in it, and particularly around it for shooting. I was also able to use the boom arm to position the camera immediately overhead. The disadvantage with the pool is that access to warm water is limited, and shooting this late in the year did mean that the water was cold. We therefore had to shoot fast to ensure that the girls did not end up with hyperthermia.

Under the original plan it was only going to be Shelley in the pool, but Sam agreed to join in as well, so we started with the lingerie that they had worn in the previous shoot. We added a small amount of flowers for effect and about a litre of milk to create the creaminess in the water.

Anyone who has seen my previous water shoots will know that I like the look of fabric drapes, so prior to the girls getting into the water both had chosen a length of fabric from my store.

So off came the wet lingerie and the fabrics were positioned.

All of these image were shot under natural light using two camera. My second one was my Nikon D600 with a 50mm lens at f1.4.

The entire shoot lasted about 8 minutes which was long enough, and both of the girls really enjoyed a hot drink and shower immediately afterwards.

Sam joins the shoot with Shelley

As I mentioned in my previous post (https://pwfotos.com/2019/03/17/shelley-in-lingerie/), Sam Moredo came out to our shoot to be the makeup artist. She is also a model and a dancer and many of her other recent shoots have involved a combination of the two.

Shelley had bought a range of lingerie with her and fortunately several of the pieces were from a similar set, so we talked Sam into taking part. While I shot the initial set with Shelley, Sam applied makeup in a similar style so that both girls were consistent.

By this stage the sun was really coming through and so I tried to place a large diffuser panel in its general directions to try to block some of it. This was partially successful. While the main light was still the Godox AD600 in the seven foot umbrella, I was finding that the light was a little uneven especially on Sam.

I initially tried to position a reflector to the left of the camera, and use the sun, but this was not working so I mounted a light on the other side of the fence and angled to to bounce off the reflector. At first this was done bare bulb, but that was creating too many shadows on the back wall, so I put it into a softbox so that I could control the spill better.

Shelley in lingerie

Shelley-Ann is a relatively new member of the Fashion Collective, who answered a casting call from me. We had arranged to do a series of shots and as the second one involved the use of my paddling pool, we started them all around my back yard. We roped in another member of the Fashion Creative, Sam Moredo to do the makeup for the shoot.

We have an area at the back of the section with a very large tree and our woodshed which provided a great location.

The weather for the whole day had been extremely changeable, with short runs of blue skies followed by rain. I initially started using my Godox speed light in a 24″ softbox for the initial shots but then brought in the Godox AD600 and out it in the seven foot Westcott umbrella. There was just enough room under the trees for it to fit.

Towards the end of this section of the shoot, the cloud decided to break and sunlight started to stream through resulting in very strong differences between light and shadow.

Back to the waterfall

It has been nearly three years since i made the trek up the Birchville dam track to my favourite waterfall. I would have to say that after the events if this shoot it is likely to be my last there, as the day turned up one issue after another.

I had some free time so I hooked up with Katy and we decided to do a shoot with various outfits and drapes. We got to the location on a beautiful day to discover a family already then and swimming in the hole at the base of the top waterfall. That meant that we had to go further down the hill and start shooting at the bottom.

I had decided to wear a pair of water shoes that had not been worn in a while and I had not realised that the rubber in them had perished. No sooner as  I started working out at the bottom then they started to fall apart. That meant for most of the shoot I had to struggle over rocks in bare feet.

The light in the lower area was very dappled and therefore it was a struggle to keep the highlights from blowing out while still having enough detail show up in the darker areas. In the end I positioned a flash set on high speed sync to add a bit more light to Katy’s place.

One of the fabrics we had brought was a 5m length of white lace so we decided to sit Katy on the rocks on the first level and drape it down and shoot it from above.

The pose and position was great but with the strong back lighting I could not see Katy’s face so I climbed up the rocks at the side to position the light on the same level as her. I was just about at the top when i branch i grabbed gave way and I fell about 2 metres onto rocks below hitting on the my right side just above the buttocks. The areas instantly swelled up but I continued to work through and get the shots.

By the time the family had left so we moved back up to the top and shot around the top waterfall. Fortunately I had been able to find out from them how deep the water was at the base of the fall so we were able to get Katy in fairly close.

We finished up with another material draped over the large rock at the top of the area.

Overall I was pleased with the results of the shoot. However over the next couple of days the bruising on my back really came in and it took nearly a fortnight for it not to be sore.

Hannah at the bunker

lr20161203-36Hannah is a young model who was looking to expand her portfolio. Kristy recenty graduated from Weltec’s makeup school and was also looking to colaborate for her portfolio. We arranged to do a fashion and lingerie shoot at the Palmer Head gun emplacement.

Over the last 10 years of shooting models I have been pretty lucky that just about every shoot has been an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately I could not rate this among them due to a whole string of issues that seemed to plague it.

The shoot was originally planned for the Saturday November 27th, and as all parties lived in the Hutt Valley I arranegd to meet them and then go in a single car. I was supposed to be picking them up at 4:00pm and figured that with travel and makeup we would start shoooting around 5:30pm. I was not too worried about the time of day as it was going to be light until at least 8pm and there was the promise of a period of golden light.

Unfortunatley Hannah cancelled 50 minutes before her pickup time, by which time I was already on my way. She had run into an issue with babysitting and so we rescheduled for the following Saturday.

lr20161203-19The day before the second shoot day there was a drama that could easily make a soap opera script when she hadn’t replied to either a facebook or text message I had sent. Based on some other posts i had seen her make on Facebook I assumed it was not on and so arranged with a second model. When she finally confirmed I had to change the arrangements with the second model.

Then on the day of the rescheduled shoot she arrived 50 minutes later than originally planned at the pickup point. This meant that we started a lot later than planned. While the day had started out fine and calm but by the time we got to the bunker cloud kept coming in and out and the wind had picked up to the point where Kristy was struggling with the makeup. The temperature had also dropped and so the location was turning into a not too pleasant place to be.

We worked through the series of clothes shoots, as I figured this would be a good way for her to relax before we moved onto the lingerie. While this sort of worked the wind and the light made shooting difficult.

Kristy gets Hannah ready for the shoot
Kristy gets Hannah ready for the shoot

I had assumed that shooting so late in the day we would have the site pretty much to ourselves. We had a couple of people walk through while makeup was being done but that did not cause us any grief. But no sooner as Hannah got into the first lingerie outfit then a family arrived at the site, along with a bunch of preteen boys. The family did not stay long but the boys hung around. That meant that we had to stay in one very dark room which was not what I had in mind.

I could see that Hannah was clearly nervous with the presence of the boys and was also getting quite cold. When my flash starting misfiring I decided to call it quits. There was no point in trying any further.

lr20161203-38Hannah has asked to shoot again in the new year. Hopefully that shoot will run more smoothly.

Arelle at the bunker

Arelle approached me via Facebook after seeing some of my earlier work. We arranged to do a shoot in Wellington and I decided to try out a new location of the gun emplacements at the top of Brooklyn Hill. Anyone who has looked at previous blog posts will know that I like shooting in locations that have a lot of street art. Unfortunately my favourite location has had all of the art painted over with grey paint.

The gum emplacement on Brooklyn are more open to the elements which makes them somewhat risky for a winters day. As it turned out it was a clear blu sky day which in winter produces some quite nice light.


The one disadvantage with the location is that it is a little walk from where you can park a car so by necessarity it meant taking minimal gear. For lighting I took a speed light with a shoot through umbrella and also the new Lume Cube that I had bought. This is a small constant light.

I have to admit that by the time I got up there I realised how unfit I was.

There are several chambers in the complex that I suspect were used to store ammunition. This image was lit with the flash and umbrella

I noticed some interesting images on the wall so I positioned Arelle in front of. This image was lit with the lime cube.

This mage used to sun as a backlight with flash as fill

We climbed onto the roof of the complex and used the red fabric which the wind picked up






Saturday afternoon at the racecourse

Cheyenne is an Upper Hutt model who posted on Facebook that she wanted to update her portfolio. We met and agreed to do two shoots. The first was a location fashion shoot which we decided would be in the grounds of Trentham Racecourse.

Now location shooting is okay but it has a major drawback that you are reliant on the weather gods playing ball. All through the week the forecasts had not been promising with rain and strong winds predicted.

I knew that the racecourse did provide opportunities for shelter should be rain arrive. Fortunately it did not and we were able to use a number of locations for different looks.

While most of the shots were natural light I did try out my new Lume Cube aimed at a golden reflector to try to introduce some golden light into the images.

I loved how the tones of Cheyenne’s top matched in with the autumn leaves. The Lume Cube was aimed at a large reflector to give the slightest hint of natural light.

We shot this image against the sky which caused the metering to fail completely. Using bare flash however was giving a much too hard light so I used by hand as a bunch on top of the flash.

Chy had asked if she could bring along a friend. Now I know lots of photographers do not allow this but I have no problems. Hine was a really good sort and found it very amusing when I said that she had an important role as a Voice Activated Light Stand (VALS).

A change of costume and a different location for a different look. In this case lighting  was mainly flash using a shoot through umbrella. 

If you tag along to a shoot in full makeup then you can expect that I will get you in front of the camera as well.Fortunately Hine didn’t seem to mind.

Sunday night group shoot

If you have looked around my portfolio you will see that I mainly shoot models one at a time, but occasionally I like the challenge of shooting a group. Last Sunday’s shoot was one such occasion.

I had met Stacey a couple of years ago and when she posted on Facebook that she wanted to update her profile and try a few things we met up and set up a time. She then recruited two friends to come along.

Now Stacey is very confident in front of the camera, her friend were not, and in fact Kari told me that she hated most pictures that were taken of her. That certainly presented a challenge but by the end of the evening I think I had not only risen to the challenge but had overcome it.

The shoot took place in a studio in Upper Hutt with the main lighting coming from my Westcott 7 foot parabolic umbrella. The more I use this light the more that I love it.

Stacey wanted some low light silhouettes so we started with those.
Stacey wanted some low light silhouettes so we started with those.

We moved a leather couch onto the set and used that. Kari (rear) quite liked this set up as she could effectively hide.
We moved a leather couch onto the set and used that. Kari (rear) quite liked this set up as she could effectively hide.

The girls outfits immediately brought to mind the old cartoons with the angel and demon conscious.
The girls outfits immediately brought to mind the old cartoons with the angel and demon conscious.

Jaica rocking a simple length of fabric aided with a large fan
Jaica rocking a simple length of fabric aided with a large fan

Kari in rich velvet fabric
Kari in rich velvet fabric

Stacey having fun with the red metallic fabric
Stacey having fun with the red metallic fabric

Fun with wedding dresses

Jess (styled by Zaria and makeup by Matty)

In 2009 the Camera Club I belong to ran a regional conference where the main speaker and workshop sessions were on “trash the dress” which was an American concept of shooting a bride where you didn’t worry about the dress. In preparing for this the club bought a large number of dresses on Trade Me, and since that event they had sat in bags at a former club member’s house.

In late November she contacted current members and asked that we collect them or else they were going to the tip. As no one else wanted them I offered to give them a home. It made quite a sight having 13 dresses airing in the line.

_DSC1338Brittany (styled by Zaria and makeup by Matty)

I contacted Donna from Voda Model Management to see if we could arrange to use them in a shoot and she suggested that we could do something with them. Furthermore she said that Zaria Portion (Ghost Train Design) could use the material and stylise a shoot.

This was all arranged to happen in the week after Christmas, and in the end it turned out to be a large scale event with three photographers, two makeup artists, one stylist and four models._DSC1274.jpg

Because of peoples availability the models were made up one after another so all photographers shot the same model at the same time. It was quite interesting to see how different people would use the same model and location but come up with different concepts.

The shoot had originally been planned to take part at Kaitoke Regional park which is just north of Upper Hutt. It gave us a great variety of locations including some small streams that would enable to dresses to out in water while ensuring that the model was safe.

Nikita (styled by Zaria, Makeup by Kristy)

Unfortunately for us this park is very popular and the weather between Christmas and New Year was stunning resulting in the park being very crowded. After both Donna and I visited the park on the two days before the shoot it became obvious that it would be practically impossible to actually shoot there. So at the last minute the shoot was changed to Percy’s Reserve in Lower Hutt.

This location still gave us a number of different environments, however it lacked the running water that I was looking for. Brittany did agree to go into a small stream at the back of the duck pond. We have a number of great photos of her expression as she waded through the mud to get to the position we wanted.

For the final image I wanted something quite different and so the whole crew moved down to the Hutt River, so that Jess could get into it. By the time we got to this shot it was around 6:00pm but the sun was still very bright in the sky.

Jess (Syled by Zaria, makeup by Kristy)

I had fun on the day, but every time I shoot outside it makes me appreciate how much easier it is to shoot in the studio.




Shoot at the old Brick works with Samantha

Samantha-7In Palmerston North there is an old brick kiln that I was shown a number of years ago, and which I have always wanted to shoot in. I had a shoot set up about 2 years ago but the model flaked. Back then the site was fairly open and as a result there was a bit of graffiti and vandalism to it.

So when Whanganui model Samantha wanted to do a lingerie shoot I suggested the venue. As it turned out access to the site is now a lot more restricted, however I was able to track down the right person to contact and access was arranged.

Unfortunately when I turned up at the arranged key collection place at the arrange time, no one was home and I was unable to raise anyone on the phone. So I drove back to kiln where I was meeting Samantha and her boyfriend Ben, who I had been assured was well versed in the fine art of holding reflectors.

Samantha-6Samantha-8Samantha-9Samantha-10Samantha-12Samantha-11Samantha-13We waited around until the schedules time for the shoot hoping that the key would show up. However when it didn’t we made our way through a hole in the fence as I figured that I has permission to be there. Unfortunately once inside we discovered that steel bars had been installed on all of the entry points into the structure.

Rather than the whole shoot turning into a bust we decided to use the building and accompanying area for the shoot. While it did not have the same impact as the look I was going for I am still pleased with the resulting images.

We started with simply lingerie looks and then built them up with masks, capes and lengths of fake sur. In the end I tried a drape of material.

Samantha-15I received a text later in the evening apologising for the muck-up with the key which was caused because the guys wife had forgotten to put it outside when she left the place. I hope that on the third attempt I will manage to shoot in there but that won’t be until next year now.