Cheyenne is an Upper Hutt model who posted on Facebook that she wanted to update her portfolio. We met and agreed to do two shoots. The first was a location fashion shoot which we decided would be in the grounds of Trentham Racecourse.

Now location shooting is okay but it has a major drawback that you are reliant on the weather gods playing ball. All through the week the forecasts had not been promising with rain and strong winds predicted.

I knew that the racecourse did provide opportunities for shelter should be rain arrive. Fortunately it did not and we were able to use a number of locations for different looks.

While most of the shots were natural light I did try out my new Lume Cube aimed at a golden reflector to try to introduce some golden light into the images.


I loved how the tones of Cheyenne’s top matched in with the autumn leaves. The Lume Cube was aimed at a large reflector to give the slightest hint of natural light.


We shot this image against the sky which caused the metering to fail completely. Using bare flash however was giving a much too hard light so I used by hand as a bunch on top of the flash.

Chy had asked if she could bring along a friend. Now I know lots of photographers do not allow this but I have no problems. Hine was a really good sort and found it very amusing when I said that she had an important role as a Voice Activated Light Stand (VALS).


A change of costume and a different location for a different look. In this case lighting  was mainly flash using a shoot through umbrella. 


If you tag along to a shoot in full makeup then you can expect that I will get you in front of the camera as well.Fortunately Hine didn’t seem to mind.