Portrait in Oils

Vicky Whitham is a very talented artist with the paint brush, and also my lovely wife. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Art & Creativity for the Learning Connexion.

We have decided to team up and offer a portrait service where rather than getting a photograph out of the shoot, you end up with an oil painting.

The way it works is like this

  1. We arrange a photographic session which can you be either you do posing formally or doing something you love.
  2. Once we have the photos between Vicky and yourself there is an agreement on which image will be painted.
  3. Vicky paints the image in Oils on framed canvas.

The price of the service depends upon the size of the final image (with small images starting at $350) so please contact us and we can discuss the process.

Below is a sample of Vicky’s artwork. More can be found on her blogZara-3 Zara-2 Zara-1T82012-13 T82012-1 T4SB-2 T4SB-1

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