Arelle at the bunker

Arelle approached me via Facebook after seeing some of my earlier work. We arranged to do a shoot in Wellington and I decided to try out a new location of the gun emplacements at the top of Brooklyn Hill. Anyone who has looked at previous blog posts will know that I like shooting in locations that have a lot of street art. Unfortunately my favourite location has had all of the art painted over with grey paint.

The gum emplacement on Brooklyn are more open to the elements which makes them somewhat risky for a winters day. As it turned out it was a clear blu sky day which in winter produces some quite nice light.


The one disadvantage with the location is that it is a little walk from where you can park a car so by necessarity it meant taking minimal gear. For lighting I took a speed light with a shoot through umbrella and also the new Lume Cube that I had bought. This is a small constant light.

I have to admit that by the time I got up there I realised how unfit I was.

There are several chambers in the complex that I suspect were used to store ammunition. This image was lit with the flash and umbrella
I noticed some interesting images on the wall so I positioned Arelle in front of. This image was lit with the lime cube.
This mage used to sun as a backlight with flash as fill
We climbed onto the roof of the complex and used the red fabric which the wind picked up






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