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Maly – First Shoot

Maly is a Latin beauty with a great personality who approached me after seeing images that were taken at the Group shoot as she was friends with Santosh. It took several attempts to arrange for a meetup and then several attempts to co-ordinate the shoot, but in the end the results were great.

We started at Erskine College in Island Bay which has amazing graffiti walls in the old tennis courts and some really nice murals on other walls.

Then we moved onto Breaker Bay for some late afternoon shots.

I think that I was extremely lucky that I managed to get one of the few really good weather days this summer.

Group Shoot

Since getting into model photography I have made extensive use of the Model Mayhem website so my interest was raised when Santosh (another Wellington photographer ) suggested doing a group shoot. The idea was that up to 6 photographers would come together, with each bringing a model and then we would have a separate session with each model.

Somehow it ended up that I organised the day and only me a Santosh could make it.

I had arranged for Zoe to join me and Santosh had arranged for Megan who arrived from Bulls with her mother.

We shot in the grounds of Erskine College in Island bay individually and then with the two girls together.


This is still a work in progress. I had an idea of recreating a cartoon style image where a person conscience is represented by an angel and a devil. Sarah and Renee agreed to be my subjects and even co-ordinated their outfits. Morgan agreed to do the makeup and also to be the main person in the image.

I have decided that I would shoot in front of a green screen, and because of the number of people had to use my garage. This was not idea as it has a very low ceiling.

The shoot was extremely funny event as the girls kept cracking up all the time to a point where in the end it was easiest to shoot them separately.

Unfortunately Morgan could stay for the shoot so my daughter Samantha ended up as a fill in. Once Morgan is available then we will finish this project.

Green Screen – Grace & Janelle

Part of the concept of doing the MOS shoot was to introduce an urban feel to the photos, and this was being achieved by having graffiti in them. I knew that there were too approaches to this. I could drive all over Wellington, models and gear in tow, and shoot on location, or I could shoot in the warm of the studio in front of a greenscreen and composite the images later.

I had shot both Grace and Janelle before so I knew that they could pull off what I wanted. Grace had the added bonus of having some really nice tattoos that I knew could incorporate in the look that I was after.

The shoot took place over two Sundays while at the same time I scouted locations around the valley as well as on the net.

Zoe & Lucy

As Zoe was responsible for getting me this gig it was only appropriate that she was involved in the project somewhere, so we arranged to take a series of shot on location starting at Petone beach. She also asked that her friend come along as well. Fine I said as long as she was willing to be a model as well.

The beach shot was probably one of the most traditional shots in the whole process, and in all honestly was the only one that really did not impress John.

We had planned to travel on into Wellington but at the western end of Petone we found graffiti under the Petone road interchange that was more than adequate for the rest of shoot.

We finished a Lucy’s place where we shot the rocker image with one of the amazing guitars that her father had.