Blood and Water

The final shot sequence that I shot with Megan involved blood and water. It was sequence that Megan specifically wanted for her portfolio so who was I to refuse. We decided that it was to be the final set of shots after we had done the Lady of the Lake image.

Prior to the shoot I scoured the web looking for a fake blood recipe that would not stain. I needed to ensure one that worked because while my wife had agree to the use of our bathroom, she had told me that if I permanently stained the bath then I had to replace it. To make matters worse our bath was originally green but was coated white some ten years ago. In some places that coating is cracking so it would have been fairly simply for paint to get in there and not come out.

In the end I discover a non-toxic poster paint and using a range of colours from red to brown was able to get the look I was after. To prevent the issue with the cracks I used petroleum jelly and smeared the area before the bath was filled.

Lighting for the shoot was a single light in a beauty dish but pulled further back from the previous shots in the room.

Fortunately when we emptied the bath the red mark on it came off very easily and so I don’t have to buy a new bath just yet.

Blood001 Blood008 Blood009 Blood030

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