Lady of the Lake

Regular readers of this blog will know that through this year I have been shooting images for a competition based on recreating Fairy stories and legends. While I already had done one image from the tales of King Arthur, I still wanted to do one around the character of the lady of the lake.

Megan agreed to help out to produce the image below

While it looks a very simple image, the actual execution was somewhat difficult. As it was still winter we decided to shoot inside in my bathroom. This is not a very large room and in fact the bath itself is not full size so getting Megan under the water proved an interesting challenge (as she is quite tall).

Lighting was also a challenge. My main light was a beauty dish boomed out over the water. Despite the fact that I had a polarising filter on in the first shot this was still producing too distinct a reflection. The answer was to turn the light over and bounce it off the ceiling.

The blue in the image was achieved by lining the white bath with a blue tarpaulin.

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