The road less travelled

Over the last weekend my daughter took part in a skating squad in Palmerston North and I drew the short stray to take her up there. Now as I had no plans of spending 2 whole days watching her skate, I arranged to do a model shoot on the Saturday using the old brick kiln factory as a backdrop.

The inside of the Kiln would have been a great backdrop to what I had in mind.

That didn’t pan out when the model didn’t show up. I did, however manage to spend some time with photographer David Lupton. The shots below were taken on two drives out of the city looking for interesting locations.PNAmble-6 PNAmble-5 PNAmble-3 PNAmble-2

It is also amazing what you can find if you go into the alleyways in the city.

Found this door on Saturday but there were cars in front of it, so had to return Sunday morning for the shoot.

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