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Trevor & Lerun

I acted as second shooter for the wedding of Trevor & Lerun that was held at the old church in Makara. Trevor’s great great grandfather has helped build it so there was a family connection to a really lovely old building.

The day was very cold and with rain threatening we had to be quick. They wanted shots down at the beach but with the temperature less than 5 degrees that part of the shot was done in one take.

The day was not without other challenges as well. Lerun’s family were from China and spoke no English so trying to organise family shots was interesting to say the least.

It was also quite funny at the reception that when Trevor went to remove Lerun’s garter her family had not idea what was happening.

David & Shyanne

David & Shyanne are a couple that we know through Church so shooting their wedding was our gift to them. Although I had videoed a wedding and acted as second shooter on a number it was the first time that I was going to be the main photographer so there were a lot of nerves involved. The night before all gear was checked and double checked. On the day I was so paranoid about card failure that I swapped cards at the end of each part of the day

My wife Vicky agreed to act as my second shooter especially as we had agreed to cover the whole day.

We arranged a preshoot with the couple a week before the event and sort out locations around Trentham racecourse where we could shoot. We also scoped out an alternative location which ended up not being used.

On the day the weather was a little patchy and we discovered that one of our locations was out of bounds due to it being used for another wedding. There was also a third wedding happening at the same time and it was funny watching the other party have their photos taken. I then realised that I actually knew the other photographers.

The day went without a hitch really and it was great to share it with them.