After being at ImageNation and also looking at the works of other great photographers I have come to the conclusion that I was being too anal in trying to stick to the “rules” of photographer and that the way to improve was to take images wherever I was of things that I find interesting.

Yesterday we were at the riverbank market in Wanganui and I took these images of the people and sites.

A car load of baby knitting on dolls

This lady had must have spent a lot of time knitting these clothes.

A spinning top being turned on lathe

A spinning top being created out of macrocarpa

Pizza cooking in a wood fired oven

wood fired pizza oven

Fresh vegetables for sale

A fine selection of local produce on sale

FInished pizza

The finished pizza

Pizza Oven on a trailer.

Pizza Oven on a trailer.

Pocket watch

Some beautiful pieces for sale.

Vietnamese zither

All the way from Vietnam