Fashion on a Saturday Morning

Every two years the church we go to runs an all day event for women called “Body & Soul”. It contains a number of elective sessions, entertainment and inspirational speakers. I was asked to document to day for them.

This year it contained an additional item with a fashion parade by Upper Hutt designer Rasha Taylor, with a showing of day, ball and wedding dresses.

Now the main issue with  photographing a run way show is generally light. In some shows there is too much and at others not enough. Fortunately with the show I knew in advance what I was dealing with and being the official photographer was able to bring in some of my own.

I initially thought about a speedlight but discounted it as it gives a very harsh light and the spread is very uneven. In the end I set up a strobe and umbrella on a boom arm. This enabled me to light up the last 2 metres of the catwalk with a reasonable consistent soft light head to tow at around f8.

In order the ensure a proper angle on the girls I brought in a small step ladder and shot from the top. I have been really pleased with the images shot.

RashaTaylor-43 RashaTaylor-41 RashaTaylor-39 RashaTaylor-37 RashaTaylor-29 RashaTaylor-31 RashaTaylor-33 RashaTaylor-35 RashaTaylor-27 RashaTaylor-25 RashaTaylor-17 RashaTaylor-9 RashaTaylor-7 RashaTaylor-5 RashaTaylor-15 RashaTaylor-13 RashaTaylor-11 RashaTaylor-19 RashaTaylor-21 RashaTaylor-23 RashaTaylor-1


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