Cemetery Shoot with Emilija

On my Model Mayhem profile I do state that I am open to shooting concepts that models are willing to come up and this was certainly the case with yesterdays shoot with Emilija.

She approached me with the idea of doing a shoot where she was painted up to look like a skeleton. I suggested that we shoot it in Bolton Cemetery  in Wellington which is quite old and also has the advantage that most of the headstones are not actually over the graves, as most were repositioned when the motorway went through the site in the 1970’s.

Emilija was body painted by the very talented Margo, who I plan to work with in the future on projects.

Although we took full lighting gear to the location we were able to use the natural light with the help of a reflector to provide everything we needed.

Emilija-7 Emilija-14 Emilija-19 Emilija-37 Emilija-41 Emilija-42

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