Another winning year

The look of age – Honours in Round 3

I was just presented with the trophy of the winner of Hutt Camera Club Advanced Grade Digital Ladder competition for 2020. This was the result of scoring the most points from the eight images submitted during the year.

In for a Landing – Honours in Round 3

Of the eight images submitted throughout the year only one received the lowest ranking of “accepted”.

Candlelit – Honours in Round 2

With the others I totalled four Honours, one Merit and two Commended.

Need a cuppa – Merit in round 2

This is the second year in a row that I have won the grade, and in fact I have won it four out of the last five years.

Water nymph – Honours in Round 1

There will not be an opportunity to defend the title in 2021 as the club committee has decided to only concentrate on critiques over the four rounds, rather than there being a competition as well.

Norbert – Commended in Round 4

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