Shoot with Zaniah

One of the things I am vert mindful of is that the model in a TFP (time for print) arrangement does need to get something out of the shoot. This is particularly so when they helping you out with personal projects where the images may end being quite different from the usual style.

With the Zodiac series I knew that the images were being heavily post processed, to keep the consistency of the set, but that was going to mean that the images with not necessarily be those the model would want for say a model portfolio. Therefore I make sure that we set time aside at each station to shoot images specifically for the model model.

After shooting the Libra images Zaniah got changed into her own outfits and using the same lighting and background I shot her with two different outfits.

Late last year I have found a sequinned mini dress in a thrift store in Melbourne and I thought it would be great to incorporate that into the shoot. Zaniah was game even though the dress was a little small for her and we had a bit of fun shooting it. We also incorporated some old suitcases as props

We were so keen to shoot that we have actually taken quite a few images before we realised that the tag from the shop was still on the dress and quite visible in a number of shots. A simple facts in Photoshop but it was a good reminder that it does pay too carefully look before taking photos.

Afterwards I had of a bit of play with the with one of the images and composited into a road scene but I’m not sure if it really worked out nonetheless it was a fun try.

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