Beauregard cosplay

The third shoot in the 2020 Wellington Cosplay Photofest was with Gabriela who was wearing a Beauregard costume. In our initial discussions she has asked for a nature environment so we chose to shoot in Trelissick Park in Ngaio. The park has a stream running through it as well as bush. In addition it has some old ruins of ammunition stores that have a very castle like setting.

When we got to the park we discovered another group at the ruins so we started with the stream. The day had stared overcast but by the time of the shoot it was brilliant blue skies and strong sun. Personally those are my least favourite conditions.

Along the path I found an interesting spot with gnarled roots so Gabriela climbed up and positioned herself there. I had brought the Godox AD600 light with me along with the 26inch softbox. Gabriela had asked if she could bring a friend and he ended up holding the light that I had mounted on an extended monopod.

By the time we had finished in this area the other groups had completed their shoot at the ruins so we ended the shoot with some images there.

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