cosplay at the bunker

The second shoot in the 2020 Wellington Cosplay Photofest was with Pohutukaryl Cosplay who was dressed as Chloe Frazer from Uncharted, a character from an action game. The moment that she mentioned street fighter to me I knew that we would be going back to the gun emplacement on Palmer Head.

I have shot at this location a number of times and it is a very popular spot so you never know how many people you will run into there. When we arrived there was a group of girls taking selfies on the roof, and when we went inside we disturbed a couple in an intimate act.

We shot all over the complex to create different angles and looks. For the inside images lighting was provided with my Godox speed light in a small softbox as this was very portable.

We were probably at the site for about a hour before we decided to pack up and head home. We were literally only 50 meters from the bunker to meet up with four very heavily armed police officers. Someone had reported seeing someone with a gun and they were taking no chances. Given that no one saw us with the toy pistol my assumption was that they had mistaken my light stand. That was what the cop thought as well and we were all on our way.

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