Pamela & Pete

The wedding of Pamela and Pete took part over Easter weekend. Shooting their wedding was done as a favour for Olyvia (who had modeled for me at the Great Trentham Collaboration). Olyvia was Pamela’s youngest daughter and she had described as being an older bride.

The wedding and reception were to take part in a community hall in Paraparaumu. As is my practise I went to the venue the week before at roughly the same time, to ascertain what it looked like and what lighting conditions were. The venue was very plain and I knew that lighting would be an issue. Also there really was no attractive place for the photos. Forunately the beach was a stones throw away so that location was chosen.

The week before the wedding the remains of Cyclone Debbie hit the country with high winds and torrential rain. While overcast shies are great for wedding photos hurrican force winds and driving rain were not.

The night before the wedding that was exactly what persisted through out the night. Fortunately by morning the wind abated. We still packed the studio lights in case we had to shoot inside.

As it turned out that was not required and in fact we had the opposite issue of too much light outside. Inside the venue was a different matter. While the ceremony was taking place in a different place than I thought it might, there was no way to shoot in their without using flash. As a general rule I dont shoot flash at the ceremony.

As it turned out using flash caused an issue with the Auto ISO function on the camera and rather than helping it actually worked against images. Between the second shooter and myself we managed to get enough images to satisfy the bride and groom but not for our standards.

As is normal at weddings getting everyone togther for the groups shots at times resembled “herding cats” but we managed to get it done and then the formals at the beach went well.

The reception was the usual busy affair however by this time the sun was low enough that it was actually coming inside of the building so we didn’t have to solely use flash.

Jess in the Bath

The final shoot of the day was with Jess Boyack. By the time of thinking about the shoot I think everyone was exhausted. With no outfits booked we decided to make it a bath shoot and use a simple length of material for cover.

The bath in question was on wheels and it was moved into position in the carpark mid afternoon with the hope that the sun would warm the water up. That was of limited use and despite the addition of a couple of jugs of hot water it was fairly cold.

I ended up grabbing left over flowers from another shoot and by the time we shot had quite a number of people helping out.

Model: Jess Boyack

Jess in Heavy Metal

Jess Baider was the model for my third shoot of the day and for this shoot I wanted to do something different. Earlier in the day I had seen a dress design by Jen Carlton made entirely of metal, and I managed to denogiate with the photographer who had it booked to use it first.

I also built a set using a whole lot of wine barrels. I had positioned a backdrop behind them to remove a rather ugly background. This proved to me almost a waste of time as the light falloff was such that it was almost in complete blackness.

I was using a single light with the 7 foot umbrella and a reflector to add in a little fill light.

Part of the arrangement was to swap out the metal dress for a design by Evem and this was used in the second half of the shoot. We also ventured outside at the end of shoot for a little variety.


Model: Jess Baider
Dress: Jen Carlton Leather & Hide
Headpiece: Black Widow Fascinators

Hayley in the attic

I had shot Hayley before as part of my honours set. When she arranged to use a gothic style dress then it was obvious that we were going up to the attic as it was the ideal location for such a shoot. That of course meant lugging all the light gear up four stories. I set up a small shoot area and decided to add in a couple of props of my own.

After working through several of the rooms up there we moved down to an open space at the top of the ramps where the ivy was changing colour. We also tried a number of images with falling leaves.

Model: Hayley
Dress: Deranged
Headpiece: Black Widow Fascinators

Olyvia in Red

Model: Olyvia Mayhew
Mask: Black Widow Fascinations

Day two of the Great Trentham Collaboration did not start well with my first model of the day being one of a number who failed to show up on the morning. There was also not the same level of energy level in the room.

Fortunately for me one of the other photographers in the room was in a similar position and so she agreed to be my model. I had brought along my own red dress and a few props and having checked that she was not averse to fur, we headed out for a couple of locations around the base of the main grandstand.

Moana the shieldmaiden

The final shoot on day one was with Moana. We had discussed a number of ideas with her and had planned for a two part shoot. The first would involve her in a Viking outfit from ckfilmdesign and the second was to be a bath shoot. Unfortunately Moana came to the event with a cold and so we scraped the bath idea.

The costumes from ckfilmdesign are amazing and Wikitoria did an amazing job of the makeup. As it turned out Jordan was also doing a similar shoot so I suggested to the other photographer that we could bring the two models together.

They even tried some mock flighting although I think that Jordan was more enthusiastic about the idea of swinging swords.

Still it was a fun end to the day.

Model: Moana Mink
Outfit: CKFilmDesign