Jess in Heavy Metal

Jess Baider was the model for my third shoot of the day and for this shoot I wanted to do something different. Earlier in the day I had seen a dress design by Jen Carlton made entirely of metal, and I managed to denogiate with the photographer who had it booked to use it first.

I also built a set using a whole lot of wine barrels. I had positioned a backdrop behind them to remove a rather ugly background. This proved to me almost a waste of time as the light falloff was such that it was almost in complete blackness.

I was using a single light with the 7 foot umbrella and a reflector to add in a little fill light.

Part of the arrangement was to swap out the metal dress for a design by Evem and this was used in the second half of the shoot. We also ventured outside at the end of shoot for a little variety.


Model: Jess Baider
Dress: Jen Carlton Leather & Hide
Headpiece: Black Widow Fascinators

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