The schedule for the Great Trentham collaboration was split into two groups each day with eight photographers in each. There were eight slots allocated to shoots, and seven to makeup. In the two weeks leading up to the event the various designers associated with it posted images of outfits that they would have available. This generated discussion between the models and photographers and lead to outfits being booked for various sessions.

I took a very relaxed approach and I let my models book their own outfits.

The first shoot in Group 2 started at 9 o’clock. This meant that the model did not have time to go through makeup and had to arrive already made up.

My first shoot on day one was with Kasey. She had selected an Egyptian outfit made by Charlotte Kelleher of CKfilmDesign. The outfit consistent of several parts and therefore we needed to assistance of Paul Irving.

As the morning was cloudy I decided it was a perfect opportunity to head to the roof of the grandstand which is essentially an open air seating area. I took a series of images in a different styles of the outfit including static and walking shots. I also had a play with my lensbaby composer lens. Unfortunately there is an issue with this lens on my the D600 in that the camera cannot control the aperture and so all shooting is wide open at f2.8.

At the end of the shoot we moved indoors and I used a white screen setup to shoot some images that I may look at using in composites later on.

I’m really pleased with the images although later in the day I would have probably chosen a different location, but that is always the way when you start early.

I hope to be able to shoot with Kasey again.

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