A winning way to end the year

I am pleased to announce that at the Hutt Camera Club awards night I received the award for Advanced Digital images in the ladder competition.

This is a competition judged in four sections over the course of the year. Each round has a different set topic and a different judge, with two images maximum allowed. The images below are the eight that were submitted.

Round One – A different approach

0218_l1_s_kat 0218_l1_s_shilloette

Round Two – Hidden

0218_l2_s_hidden_in_the_light 0218_l2_s_veiled

Round Three – Old Time

0218_l3_s_accordianplayer 0218_l3_s_wilf

Round Four – Adverse Conditions

a-s-l4-218-a_little_snow a-s-l4-218-below_zero

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