Playing with new toys

On Thursday night I attended a product launch hosted by Wellington Photographic Supplies who have become the local agent for Profoto lights. Sean from WPS and Greg from CRKennedy (the New Zealand distributors) has brought down both models of battery powered lights in the Profoto range.

Now I have often seen these lights used in the videos but it was a real treat to be able to use them in action. While I had my own camera there I also jumped at the opportunity to play with a D800E. The lights use TTL so it was quite interesting to see how they would perform as personally I shoot with lights on manual.

We shot down on the Wellington waterfront with the love Laura. It was a great time.

While I would love to own a set of these babies the reality is that they fall into the “when i win lotto’ category.

This was shot full TTL
This was shot full TTL in aperture priority. As such the camera knew that a flash was in play and set the shutter speed at 1/60s
This is a more traditional image bringing out the model from the background. The sky was much lighter than shown in the image but I had the camera set at f14.
As the lights had the ability of high speed I thought I would give it a try. This was shot in manual at 1/1250s F4. It is still maybe a little overexposed, but given of my other lights can shoot anything about 1/200s I am happy.


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