Classic Ruby

201608-27I am currently most of the way through my sixth year of shooting a photo a day challenge. This year I decided to concentrate on having people in all of my images as portraiture is mainly what i shoot. That does require me to seek out subjects particularly on the weekends.

So when I saw that the National Portrait Gallery were having a sitting with a model in 17th century costume I was really keen to take part. Now such sittings are mainly designed for people sketching or painting and photography therefore I was not sure how welcome I would be. Therefore in asking permission I threw in a little carrot, that I would shoot some behind the scenes images that the gallery could use.

sitting270816-11They agreed and so I turned up towards the end of the session. As I knew that I needed to be portable I had a single speed light on a stand using a Rogue Panel to expand the light. This let me position the light away from where I was shooting.

While the BTS shots were ok I could not get into a position that really suited me so once the session was over Ruby agreed to sit back in her position and I could position the light where I wanted it.

The gallery is running these at regular occasions with each new exhibitions and I sure that I will be back  there again.

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