More success with Reflections


My image of Jason and the mirrors continues to have success. This time I entered it into the Canon Online competition, which is a digital competition run every two months by the Photographic Society of New Zealand.

I have entered images into it previously over the last three years without any success, but this time I found out that the photo had made the top ten in the round coming 8th.

The judge made the following comments on it.

“This is a busy image but I kept coming back to it and seeing more interest in the picture. Each mirror helps create the full image of the man. The post work is very good. Having the one mirror without a face just adds a bit more interest.”

What is quite amusing is that the mirror without the reflection was actually a mistake.

The image is also entered as a print in the Central Regional Salon with the results announced in a couple of weeks time. Will keep you posted.

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