ANZAC Week – The Lightshow

This is my second post about activities around Wellington this last week. If you are unsure about the term ANZAC then please read my first post.

Just about every town in New Zealand has a war memorial that names those killed in the various conflicts that New Zealand has taken part in. In Wellington we have two, with the larger one taking the form of a carillon and located by the newly built Pukeahu National War Memorial park.

Starting on the 18th a 15 minute light show was created that was projected onto the carillon and then followed by another lightshow on the front of what was originally the National Museum.

We went on a perfect Sunday evening and set up the tripod to record the carillon show. The tower is actually a musical instrument and if you got there for the 7:00pm start the show was accompanied with the bells. It was a very moving experience. The video below is a taste of that carillon show

We then headed up the hill and watched the second lightshow. There was no room for a tripod this time so you will have to excuse the movement in the images.

If you have trouble viewing the videos are wish to see them individually then you can find the Carillon images here and the museum ones here.


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