This page contains all the individual images from the videos contained on the previous post with regard to the lightshow on the old museum.

LightShow-23 LightShow-22 LightShow-21 LightShow-20 LightShow-19 LightShow-18 LightShow-17 LightShow-15 LightShow-35 LightShow-34 LightShow-33 LightShow-32 LightShow-31 LightShow-30 LightShow-29 LightShow-28 LightShow-27 LightShow-26 LightShow-25 LightShow-24 LightShow-16 LightShow-14 LightShow-13 LightShow-12 LightShow-11 LightShow-10 LightShow-9 LightShow-8 LightShow-7 LightShow-6 LightShow-5 LightShow-4 LightShow-3 LightShow-2 LightShow-1