The Color Run

“The Color Run” is a commercial activity that originated in the United States although it has links back to a Hindi festival called Holi. Basically runners do a course and at particular sections of it coloured powder is thrown over them. I am sure that in the original form there was deep meaning to this activity but in the modern version it is all in the name of fun.

Actually I should probably change that and say that it is in the name of making money. Although a charity gets associated with each event the organisers are quite open then they are only receiving a contribution.

The Wellington event was held in Upper Hutt using a park that is very close to home so after checking the map I decided to go down, take a look and snap a few photos. The power used is a edible corn-starch which is very fine. It has a reputation of getting past the weather seals of cameras and lens so I was being particularly careful. The oldest kit lens in the collection came out and it was fitted to the D60 that is used now only for my photo a day work. I also stood well back and made sure that I stayed up wind of the competitors.

That way I knew that if it got damaged it would not be that bad. The major drawback is that the d60 does not have a built in focus motor, and neither did the lens, so the only option was manual focus.

Now I have been to a number of so called “fun” runs but quite frankly this was the happiest one I had ever encountered. The people and the volunteers throwing the powder were having a great time and the photos show that.CR-1 CR-4 CR-5 CR-7 CR-8 CR-9 CR-12 CR-13 CR-15 CR-16 CR-18 CR-19 CR-20 CR-21 CR-22 CR-23 CR-24 CR-25 CR-26 CR-27 CR-28

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