It just got harder

In December 2012 I wrote a blog post about the perils of people using Facebook as their sole marketing tool. This came after news that the company had changed the search algorithm so that only about 15% of posts would appear in newsfeeds (unless you paid for them).

Today came another post suggesting that Facebook intends to push this down to as low as 1% but at the same time allowing more content to come into feeds from advertising. Now Facebook is a publically listed company and it has to make a living so there is nothing wrong with it wanting to make a return for the billions invested in it. There are some real issues with this change though. Firstly there was a recent video that showed that many of the clicks that people were paying for were actually fake, and so where the number of “likes” that a page was receiving. On top of that many of the photographers with facebook pages (myself included) have been blinded by wanting as many likes as possible and have encourage other photographers to “Like” our page.

The net result is that as the number of people who will see your post in decreased by Facebook then the greater chance that those who see you post will not be interested in the material anyway. This just further the arguments that I put up in December 2012 that if you are trying to promote your photographic business then Facebook needs to only be part of the solution.

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