Success in 2013 Wellington Interclub Competition

Last night saw the final of the Wellington Interclub Photographic Competition. Each of the six clubs in the Wellington region submits an image into each of the ten categories that have been chosen by the hosting club.

I am always very keen on this competition and I take entry fairly seriously. As a result the Hutt Club selected my images to represent it in 5 categories (Contained, Eggs, Mysterious, Reaching and Terraced).

I was quite pleased that my image in “Reaching” won it’s category, especially as this was the only one of the five images that had been shot specifically for the 2013 competition.

First place in its category
First place in the Reaching category

The image was shot in a friends garage with a single gridded strobe boomed out from a mezzanine floor.

My image in the “contained’ section came second in its category with the judge commentating that he wondered how our minds worked.

Second in its category
Second in the Contained category

My other three images performed much worse than I would have liked but the competition was of a very high standard.

A little selective colour for effect
A little selective colour for effect in the Terraced category
Lit with a single strobe
Lit with a single strobe in Mysterious
A little humour in the competition
A little humour in Eggs

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