In search of Arthur

Later this year I am submitting images for a club competition on the theme of “once upon a time”. You are expecting to stage a shoot rather than simply finding an object and shooting that.

One of my favourite stories is King Arthur so I wanted to recreate the sword in the stone which is fairly integral to the whole story.

For those who don’t know the story there was a magic sword embeded into a rock and only the true king of England was able to remove. Of course Arthur managed the feat and became king.

I had thought to borrow a sword from a local medieval group but when I told them that it would involve water no one was interested. Turns out that authentic swords and water don’t mix.

Anyway TradeMe was you friend and I sourced on there. On last Sunday I decided that the area below the old Birchville dam would be ideal so with my daughter as assistant we set off up the trail to the dam.

Unfortunately the light was not ideal and we had to resort to flash to boost the image. Shooting on slippery rocks below a waterfall is quite tricky especially as recent rain meant there is was a lot more water. The spray was a major issue as the lens got coated very quickly.

I got the image that I wanted although I suspect that I will probably tweak it some more before it is submitted in October.

The sword in the stone

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