Ministry of Swimming 2012 Update

As it had been over a year since I did the original shoot for the Ministry of Swimming website I contacted the owner to see if he needed any new images. This was indeed the case and this time they were all swimsuits.

I ran a casting call and selected fours models to assist as the suits ranged in size with a number being only prototypes rather than the full size. One model failed to show so my daughter ended up stepping in at the last minute.

The client wanted the same urban style theme as we had come up for the original which was a little challenging when there were 23 different suits and unlike the goggles they did not have names, so there was nothing to guide me on. Still we managed to do it and over a week we shot all four girls in the studio as well as finding new graffiti art to composite in.

The images were delivered tonight and the client was very happy with them which is the result that I was after. Next year we are going to get some male models to complement to series.

suit6_large suit8_banner suit8_large suit9_large suit11_large suit12_large suit17_Large

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