Sources of Inspiration

I have sometime been asked where I come up with the ideas for shoots. Quite often that is something that is difficult to answer as often a shoot ends up combining several different ideas that may have come from various sources.

Sometimes the inspiration comes from another image or a piece of art. The image here of Aleks is based on a painting that I saw in a gallery in Wellington. I have often found that paintings can provide inspiration particularly for poses.

Others times i will see or buy an object that I think has potential just to play with it.

I saw a string of LED christmas lights on trademe some time ago and thought they would be quite cool to use in a shoot. Back in May I shot them as one of my “Photo a Day” images which is showed at the bottom of this page.

No this is quite nice but I thought I could make it more interesting so with a model willing to be wrapped in the lights you end up with the following image.

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