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The other side of the lens

Over the last two weekends I have had the situation where I had stepped out from behind the lens to be in front of it. I do this occasionally because as a portrait photographer I do not feel that you can really produce the best if you can’t feel what it is like to be the subject.

Last week it was at a portrait field trip associated with the Photographic Society of New Zealand annual convention in Queenstown. That was a relatively simply shoot.

However yesterday it was a completely different affair as I helped out Upper Hutt photographer Mandi Lynn who was working on some images for entry into the upcoming professional body awards.

I was turned into the victim of a zombie attack. This involved half an hour of makeup and the application of a lot of blood. Some of the positions that I had to get into were not the most comfortable but the end result looked really good. I can’t wait to see the final image in early June.

Photographer Mandi Lynn and me along with the two youngest zombies.