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Shelley at the beach (NSFW)

For the final part of the shoot with Shelley we headed towards the Wellington South Coast where we hoped we would be in time for golden light. Those hopes were quickly dashed as we ran into rain in Lower Hutt, and as we approached the Ngaranga interchange, with the wipers on full, I was close to calling it off and taking the girls home. But then I looked across to the airport and could see clear sky on that side, and as that was where we heading hoped for the best.

As it turned out we were ok at beach. I had chosen Breaker Bay because it is a clothing optional beach so I knew that we types of shots we had planned there would not cause offence. As it was we pretty much had the beach to ourselves anyway.

We started in a black corset that Shelley totally rocked, then moved onto the fabric drapes. As we were trying to travel light the Godox AD600 was used in a collapsible beauty dish.

I love shooting with drapes, and with the rapid recharge available in the lights, you can let the model simply play with them and then chose the best.

While the setting sun did briefly light up the lower lighthouse at Pencarrow Head there was never any form of golden light on the beach itself.

As Shelley is not self conscious about her body we finished with a series of full nudes. When the images were loaded I got a great comment from Shelley.

Thank you so much for the amazing day & such professional work