The Tattoo Project – Jazmine

As I mentioned in a the previous post, Jazmine approached me to part of the Zodiac series, however when I saw her arm sleeves asked her to take part in the Tattoo series. Fortunately for me she agreed.

It was only when she stripped off that I realised how extensive and impressive her tatts were.

We started shooting on the seamless that we had used for the later images in the Scorpio. It was a three light setup with two lights on the backdrop and a 65cm softbox camera right.

We also tried some with Jazmine lying on the floor. The lighting for these was the same as before with the exception of the main light now being tilted down.

I then switched backgrounds and lighting configurations to create some more drama in the image. As shown below we moved to a single light with a reflector to help fill in the shadows.

It was a great shoot with Jazmine, and I hope to shoot more in the series. So if you are a Wellington based model with tatts, drop me a message.

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