In the woolshed

This post is going to be very different from what the majority of posts in this blog are about and that there are no people in it.

Back in March I travelled to a farm named Glenburn Station, which is located on the coast in the Wairarapa, for a weekend trip organised by the Hutt Camera Club. The farm is located at the end of some 20km of gravel road, which I had not realised when we decided to go in the brand new car picked up the day before. My wife was not impressed with that fact.

This was the second year that the club organised a weekend, and while I did not go in 2019, I did have some idea of what was on offer from the photos I had seen.

While others on the trip were interested in the landscapes, I was more interested in the buildings particularly a large shearing shed that we ha been given access to.

So while the others went exploring the landscape, I took my time looking around the shed. I was particularly interested in where the light was falling, as I was planning to shoot a model in the afternoon. To be prepared I had taken my strobes ,light stands and tripod.

In some areas the light was low and the shots were taken with the camera on the tripod. For others, such as the machinery, I mounted the camera on top of the light stand and triggered it via the image app on my phone. This gave me the ability to go for different angles.

The farm had been shearing the week before and there was still plenty of materials around showing this.

It was a great location to shoot in and I used both my Lumix 25mm F1.7 and Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 lenses.

I will cover the shoot with Che is a latter post.

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