On the cover a magazine

I was super stoked at the start of the month to discover that one of my images was on the cover the June 2018 edition of NZPhotographer. While I knew they were going to include some images inside, I was not aware that they would choose one for the cover.

Earlier in the year I had met with one of the founders of the company that owned the magazine and after I showed her my work she asked if I could be interviewed.

Of course I said yes and ended up receiving a list of questions and then given the opportunity to submit a range of images. They pretty much printed the whole interview, which is great.

When the issue came out I let the various models featured know about it and they are all stoked to be published (even if the magazine is only available in digital format).

The magazine can be found at https://issuu.com/nzp_magazine/docs/nzphotographer_issue_8__june_2018

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