Art of the walls

I am sure that I have mentioned before that my wife is a very talented painter. Some time ago she was offered the opportunity to exhibit at the Odlin Gallery in Lower Hutt. This would be her second solo exhibition.

While she was chuffed with the offer, she was really concerned that she did not have enough pieces to display, and so we agreed that I would supplement her paintings with a series of my photos. In the end 12 images were chosen, all that fitted the overall theme of the exhibition “Life’s Little Moments”.

artNow I mainly present digital images but there is something really nice to see your work on the walls.

The opening night was held on Tuesday and around 60 people came to look at the works. It was really nice to hear all the positive comments made. Five of the images were processed into Black & White using Nik software, and I would have to say that I was really pleased with how they came out.

The exhibition runs until May 29.

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