Kowhai girl

LR20150926-12When I am shooting with models for the first time I have absolutely no problem if they bring along a girlfriend for support. I find that it makes them more at ease and therefore the shots are better. It is on the condition that the friend is prepared to help out. There has been the occasion that I have even encouraged the friend in front of the camera as well.

This was the case when Emma arrived for the Spring Goddess shoot with Josephine along for the ride. Josephine is an exchange student from Denmark. When I saw her I instantly wanted to shoot her, and I knew what I wanted.

In preparing for the shoot we had gathered some yellow Kowhai flowers but had not incorporated them (as the colours did not work together). They would work brilliantly with Josephine.

In addition Josephine had a natural beauty that really didn’t need any additional makeup so it meant that there was no additional work required by the makeup artist I was using on the day.LR20150926-13Lighting for the shot was a single light camera right in a white shoot through umbrella with a silver reflector placed camera left.

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