An afternoon in the studio

Ashleigh-Jane Cole is a very talented young lady. Earlier this year she modelled for me at the waterfall and in the process made the length of fabric I was using into a dress. She won a designer award at the Trentham Racecourse Wellington Club and now in the process of recording her new album. Today she appeared live on a local radio station and performed all her own material, including one that she only finished just before going to air.

Yesterday she posted on Facebook and asked if any photographers were able to record the session for her. There is a major restructure going on at my paid work so the opportunity to take an afternoon off and do this was too much to resist. The studio is a fairly restricted place and so I knew that I could inly take the minimum about of gear and certainly no light stands. It gave me the perfect opportunity to test out the Rogue Flash Panel that my son bought me for my birthday & Christmas. It ended up being two presents because when the request went in we did not realise that it actually came in two pieces.

Despite there being little room to move around I was reasonably pleased with the results.AJ_Studio-2 AJ_Studio-10 AJ_Studio-16

Josh provided acoustic support
Josh provided acoustic support
Ashleigh-Jane and Anita
Ashleigh-Jane and Anita

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