Skating at the top

For the last seven years my daughter Samantha has competed in Artistic Roller Skating and for the last five that has meant a week long trip away to the Nationals. This year the event was held in Wanganui in October which was a shift from the usual January.

It was trying to capture Samantha is movement that first got us to buy the gear we have but after seven years, and several thousand images, I had grown tired of shooting so have not really taken a camera to any recent events.

With these nationals I decided just to shoot the dance event that Samantha was in and a sample are shown below.

Nationals-1 Nationals-2 Nationals-3 Nationals-5 Nationals-7 Nationals-8 Nationals-9 Nationals-4

I even tried to get a little creative with a couple of shots and slowed the shutter down to introduce artistic blur. I must admit that after years perfecting how to get these images as sharp as possible this was not the easiest thing to do.


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