1,000 Days

In December 2010 I decided that in order to improve my photography that i was going to start a “photo a day” challenge in January 2011. On September 26, 2013 I hit the milestone of the 1000th day of the challenge. The image below was my selection for day.

The 1000 day. Pauatahanui inlet at dusk
The 1000 day. Pauatahanui inlet at dusk

I have written a previous blog post on the challenge which can be found here. What I said in that posts still applies

After 1000 images there are two definite tips to pass on

Set a routine
Many photographers are intimidated by the idea of taking an image every day. It is actually not that difficult but it does require a level of discipline and that is helped if you set a routine. The shots that I have the most difficulty with tend to be those on the weekend. That is for the simple reason that Monday to Friday I take the camera out when I go for a walk at lunchtome.

Don’t stress about it
The challenge is not to produce an award winning image a day, it is to take a photo a day. This means that you can afford to experiment a little and shoot different styles. The shots may not always come off completely but as long as you learn something in the process.

I am not sure how much longer than I will carry on with the challenge. It will certainly go to the end of the year. For 2014 I have some ideas of changing it up a little so only time will tell.

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