Multiple exposure

This morning I did a photoshoot with Renee out at the Massey Memorial on the end of Miramar peninsular. The memorial is made of white marble and in many ways has a resemblance to a Roman structure so this gave me the ideas of creating a composite image.

The morning was high overcast which has the advantage that the lighting would be very even. In fact I used my light meter to discover that the light was a consistent F8 in each of the gaps where I wanted Renee to stand.

Unfortunately it also meant that the light was very flat. I had hoped to use flash to add a little punch but unfortunately I discovered that the flash triggers were still at home.

The camera was set on a tripod and then we shot about 6 images in each position. I used a remote to trigger the camera try to minimise an accidental move in position. Having the camera on the tripod meant that I could ensure that all of the elements (other than Renee) were constant.

Once I got home I selected an image from each location. Loaded them into layers in Photoshop and used a  simple mask to created the image. As I didn’t like the sky that was easily fixed as well.

The finished image is my Shot of the Day for World Photographic Day.

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