Aleks in Lingerie

I met Aleks through the model mayhem site although it turned out that she was friends with one of the other models I had shot. After a couple of false starts we managed to set up a shoot for her portfolio. She particularly wanted to do a series of shots in lingerie. I had done plenty of this style before but mainly in a studio environment and I decided that I wanted to try something different. I wanted to set the shots in positions and poses that you would see in lingerie ads. Therefore I planned to use several rooms around the house.

There are two challenges that you face when shooting around the house, rather than in a controlled environment.

Firstly you have be very careful with what appears in the backgrounds. While I thought I had most things taken care of it is amazing how small things will suddenly appear after the shoot when you are reviewing the images. Thankfully Photoshop can fix those.

The second challenge is windows and particularly reflections of the lights in them. I solved this by mounting the camera on the tripod and took two shots in quick succession. The second one was too quick for the flash to recharge nor for Aleks to move so essentially I got a fully masked image that I could composite.

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