Composite images in Photoshop are relatively easy, but I wanted to see how challenging it would be to create something in camera. The opportunity came up when I was looking for images to submit into the 2012 Interclub under the topic of “Time”.

How do you represent a concept like time in an image. I did not want to shoot photos of clocks and hourglasses because it had been done to death. It hit watching tv one night when a number of ads droned on about products to stop the effects of aging. Let’s show time on the body but in a literal sense.

I would do this by finding a model willing to pose nude and then I would project images of time onto them and record the result. Admittedly I “borrowed” a number of images from Google searches. I met Freya via Model Mayhem and she had no problems being my subject. We set up a projector as the only light source in her pole dancing studio and with the camera on a tripod I encouraged her to simply move around. The images rotated through a slideshow and after some attempts we managed to get a series I was happy with.

The most difficult thing with the shoot was getting the focus right as Freya was moving and there was not a lot of light for autofocus to lock in on, but by the end of the evening we had more than enough usable shots to use.

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