According to some experts we apparently relate our ideas of beauty to symmetry and the closer that each side our face mirrors the other, the more beautify we will be deemed to me. Apparently the actor Denzel Washington has a perfectly symmetrical face.

Now most of us do not have symmetrical faces so it is quite fun to see what we would look like if we did. With the magic of photoshop and a willing volunteer it is quite easy to create this.

The steps are very easy.

  1. Position to camera at nose level and have your subject face directly into the camera. It is important that their head is perfectly vertical without any lean.
  2. Take the resulting image into photoshop and place a guide on the image that vertically intersects to noise.
  3. Select the area on the right hand side of the face, and copy it into a new document.
  4. Paste the image again but on this second layer, flip the image along the horizontal axis.
  5. Then align the two sides up.
  6. Go back to your original image and repeat the process for the left hand side.

You end up with three images to compare, namely the original and then right side symmetry and left side symmetry. If the persons face is mainly symmetrical then there will be very little difference between the three shots. However this is normally not the case and you can end up with faces quite different from the original.

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