Green Screen – Grace & Janelle

Part of the concept of doing the MOS shoot was to introduce an urban feel to the photos, and this was being achieved by having graffiti in them. I knew that there were too approaches to this. I could drive all over Wellington, models and gear in tow, and shoot on location, or I could shoot in the warm of the studio in front of a greenscreen and composite the images later.

I had shot both Grace and Janelle before so I knew that they could pull off what I wanted. Grace had the added bonus of having some really nice tattoos that I knew could incorporate in the look that I was after.

The shoot took place over two Sundays while at the same time I scouted locations around the valley as well as on the net.


John did not want the whole shoot dominated by pretty girls so he arrange for two of his top male swimmers to come into the Nae Nae Pool one Friday night. We shot a range of shots up on the stands, and the diving board and then I shot them in the water.

The shots came out really well. What was surprizing was that the lights in the pool produced a very good blue light and with no one else in the pool the surface gained mirror qualities.

Zoe & Lucy

As Zoe was responsible for getting me this gig it was only appropriate that she was involved in the project somewhere, so we arranged to take a series of shot on location starting at Petone beach. She also asked that her friend come along as well. Fine I said as long as she was willing to be a model as well.

The beach shot was probably one of the most traditional shots in the whole process, and in all honestly was the only one that really did not impress John.

We had planned to travel on into Wellington but at the western end of Petone we found graffiti under the Petone road interchange that was more than adequate for the rest of shoot.

We finished a Lucy’s place where we shot the rocker image with one of the amazing guitars that her father had.

Ministry of Swimming

I was always believe that you should be nice to everyone you meet because you never know what their connections are. This was certainly the case when I was approached by the owner of the Ministry of Swimming website to shoot new images of their products.

John was a professional swim coach and Zoe Young was one of his pupils and she had recommended me.

John was looking for new images to be the page headers and profile images on the website. The Ministry of Swimming sold a range of high performance swim gear. He had a specific look in mind and wanted the images to be funky and not at all like you typical swimming shots.

I decided that an urban feel would be the most appropriate and this would be achieved by incorporating graffiti into the images. What made the shooting interesting was that the banner images were intended to be reasonably close so essentially they were to be crops of larger images.

When a tally was done we discovered that there were 48 pages that needed images so a details plan was worked out to get the shots, and a number of models were contacted.

The shoot took place over several weeks and each section of it will be detailed in the blog as they came together.

Diamond Daze

I met Morgan Campbell though Model Mayhem and agreed to help her out with a competition she was running whereby the winner would receive a makeup and photoshoot.

We shot on a very wet Sunday afternoon in her garage not that you would know from the results. She had two girls that she made up as well as doing ball makeup for my daughter Samantha.

The make up was great and the girls were thrilled with the photos. I was able to use some lengths of fabric to emphasise the looks.

Prime Ministers Youth Awards Presentation

Somewhere along the line I have become the unofficial photographer at work so in this capacity I was asked to shoot a function at parliament where Prime Minister John Key was handling out the 2011 Pacific Prime Ministers Awards.

The function was in the main banquet chamber at the beehive which is a challenging venue as the stage is always set on the outside of the building which means it has large windows behind it.

The idea was simple. The name of the winner would be read out, they would come onto the stage the PM would greet them, we would take a photo, then the winner would move to the lectern and speak.

I got there early and we did some lighting tests and worked out where the best place for the PM photo. We even placed a big x on the floor.

Problem was somehow the instructions never got the PM, and so he was all over the place and so quick with the handshakes.

It was like a wedding, where you know that you only have one shot and can’t ask them to do it again.