I am always keen to learn from the best so when the opportunity came to travel up north and attend a weekend workshop on glamour photography I jumped at the chance. The course was run by David Fan and Edward Hor. David specialised in glamour images mainly shooting for the performance car magazines.

What really attracted me to the course was that it was going to be a mixture of shooting and post production techniques.

They managed to borrow some fairly expensive Profoto lighting gear. The workshop was limited to 8 participants.

On the first day we broke into two groups and took turns

On the Sunday afternoon we got to organise our own 30 minute shoot with the other photographers acting as our assistants. I had spotted a location early on and knew exactly what I wanted. 15 minutes in Edward was stirring because I hadn’t taken a shot but I nailed exactly what I wanted with 5 minutes to spare.

The funny thing was that shooting last I had essentially brought our group back to the cars, whereas the other group had been moving progressively away from them. That worked out well when just as we finished the shoot the heavens opened again.