Following a session with the Wellington Photographic Meetup Group I foolishly agreed to organise a day in the studio where people could learn how to shoot under lights. I teed up a friend who had been doing studio photography and she organised model and make-up artists (MUA’s). We set a budget based on 10 people but set so that expenses were covered at 8. As it turned out 10 people did commit and so we modified the programme and included one model being body painted by the team from BodyFX.

It turned into a very full one day with 10 photographers, 4 MUA, 6 models ranging in age from 12 to 50. Fortunately we could set up two stations in the studio as well as using natural light at the front of the studio and in the stairwell.

Several people also disappeared with models across the road to the area behind the opera house.

I had envisaged that the bodypainted model would only want to be shot in the studio as all she was wearing was paint and a g-string. I didn’t count on her wanting shots outside. We ended up shooting in Te Aro park in front of the toilets and up a tree, much to the amusement of passing pedestrians.