Witchy women

Earlier this year I took part for the second year running in the Great Trentham Collaboration (GTC). This is a two day event that brings together designers, hair & makeup artists, models and photographers.

For my shoot with Kafleen McKenzie we wanted to go with a witchy theme so we chose a black dress designed by Deranged fashion, with a headpiece designed by Nicola Robinson. Eden Gibbons then created a very wild look with the makeup.

We started the shoot in the area under the stairs of the old grandstand using a mixture of ambient and flash light. 

We then moved to a tangle of vines which created the first image above, but was a pain to extract from the tulle of the dress.

We finished up with a relatively simple shot in front of plain wall.

All wrapped up (NSFW)

By means that I won’t go into I came in my possession a whole lot of music tapes that were destined for landfill. So I thought could I use them in a shoot, and the answer was yes. Several nights of extracting the tapes gave me a large container full of them.

After the original model for the shoot bailed twice, I arranged to shoot with Verity. We started in the bathroom using the tape in place of water in the bath.

Then we moved out to a set I had created in the garage and shot a slightly different look starting with using the tape as a dress. It created a unique look, but probably not one for wearing in the wind.

I then changed it up and brought in some of the empty cassette cases.

Lighting for the bath shoot was a single godox strobe in a 24″ beauty dish. Lighting in the other location was a 7″ umbrella behind me to provide a base light and a beauty dish camera right.

Shoot out at the Dakota

Dakota-5Of of the great things about being part of a creative collective is that opportunities come about to shoot in unusual locations. This was the case of a shoot in a cowboy themed bar in Wellington. We were given the opportunity to spend several hours in there before the bar opened.

It was great working with models Rachel, Hayley and Michael both individually and together.

Michael & Rachel
Michael & Rachel
Rachel rides the mechanical bull

Lighting for the series was mainly done with a single Godox AD600 strobe in a 24″ beauty dish.

Rachel with a quick change
Rachel & Hayley