Kat Pool Shoot (NSFW)

LR_Kat_133032016-1During the warmer summer months I just love to do shoots that involve water. Unfortunately this year my usual spot has been a little inaccessible, and we were away for a good part of summer, so I decided to utilise a padding pool that I both late in 2014.

I have shot with Kat a number of times and I know that she is a very reliable model and great to work with. So when she answered by casting call there was no doubt I was going to use her.

The pool is about 2 metres long, 600mm wide and 300mm deep. As it is bright blue which would not fit with the shoot I used a number of my fabric lengths to line it using rocks from the garden to weigh the fabric down. A large rock was placed at the end of the pool that Kat could rest her head on.

LR_Kat_133032016-9As often happens with outdoor shoots the weather gods decided to exert the influence. On the weekend I had initially hoped to shoot the skies were clear and the weather really warm (28C/88F) so it would have been a very pleasant experience in the water. However the weekend I ended up shooting it was cloudy for most of the time and the temperature didn’t climb much above (20C/72F). This meant that the water in the pool did not heat up in any way and was quite cold.


Kat is a real trooper, but as goosebumps are a real bitch to photoshop we shot very quickly so that we minimised the time in the water. I am really pleased with the results.